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Water's Cool at School!

Providing access to drinking water throughout the school day gives students a healthy alternative to sugary beverages like soda pop and sports or juice drinks. Drinking plenty of water can help combat obesity, increase energy levels and may improve students’ cognitive functions.


These are difficult times, and we do not want to add to the burden that faculty and staff are already experiencing in schools across the state. Once things begin to return to normal, we will revise our timelines and provide an update with new information about the application process.

We’re committed to continuing Water’s Cool @ School campaign as circumstances permit. In the meantime, know that our thoughts and prayers are with TN schools, their students and faculty, and all the families across the state. We are all #TennesseeStrong and we will get through this crisis together.

To help commemorate our 55th Anniversary, we’re going back to school!

Delta Dental of Tennessee will provide grants to replace existing water fountains at 55 schools across Tennessee with new bottle-filling stations.

Schools will apply for the grants online. Participating schools will also create a video to support their entry. Videos should be no longer than one minute in length and feature the importance of water and/or a smile to one’s health, i.e. why this school needs a Water’s Cool @ School station; how water is good for your health/teeth; what makes a healthy smile; or how a smile can change your mood. (See sample video by clicking here.)
Videos can be posted to social media with #WatersCoolTN or links can be submitted directly, such as through YouTube.

What your school could win:

  • 55 primary/elementary schools across Tennessee will receive a brand new water fountain/bottle filling station (including installation) and toothbrushes for all students. At least one school in each of Tennessee’s eight regions will be awarded grants.

  • 10 schools will also win a pep rally with our Ambassador of Smiles, Marshall Molar, and water bottles for every student and staff.



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