Logo Usage

The following guidelines govern the use of the Delta Dental name, logos and other service marks (Delta Dental Marks) by brokers authorized to market Delta Dental insurance, providers and third-party administrators who have entered into contracts with a Delta Dental company, and civic and charitable organizations that are supported by a Delta Dental company.

Uses by any other persons and uses not expressly permitted hereunder require written permission from Delta Dental Plans Association (hereafter, “Delta Dental”), which may be withheld in Delta Dental’s sole discretion. In addition, any permission granted hereby may be withdrawn by Delta Dental at any time, for any reason.

If you would like to request permission to use Delta Dental's Marks, contact Delta Dental

In using the Delta Dental Marks, you agree that:

  1.  You will not use a Delta Dental Mark in a way that suggests approval, sponsorship or endorsement by Delta Dental of you or any of your goods or services, unless such approval, sponsorship or endorsement has been expressly given in writing.
  2.  You will not use a Delta Dental Mark in such a way that makes it the most distinctive or prominent feature on your web page, printed material or other content.
  3.  You will not engage in any conduct or use any of the Delta Dental Marks in any manner that, in the sole determination of Delta Dental, harms its business or dilutes the value of, harms or in any way lowers the public repute associated with the Delta Dental Marks.
  4.  You will not alter the Delta Dental logo in any manner, and will use such logos as set forth below.
  5.  You will not combine a Delta Dental Mark, or elements of a Delta Dental Mark, with your own name or mark or generic terms; you will not combine a Delta Dental Mark, or elements of a Delta Dental Mark, with any other name, mark or logo.
  6.  You will not use a service mark, logo or other content that is confusingly similar to any of the Delta Dental Marks.
  7.  You will not claim any rights in a Delta Dental Mark, or any mark confusingly similar thereto or containing elements thereof, whether by trademark registration, domain name registration or otherwise.
  8.  Your use of Delta Dental Marks is subject to Delta Dental’s terms, policies and conditions, which may be changed from time to time in its sole discretion.
  9.  You will only use the Delta Dental Marks to describe the dental insurance programs offered by the Delta Dental companies, as defined here.

Delta Dental allows brokers and third-party administrators to use Delta Dental Marks on behalf of a Delta Dental company in the following circumstances:

  • Promotional materials for actual or prospective members or member groups
  • Enrollment and insurance information for actual members or member groups

Delta Dental allows network dentists to use Delta Dental Marks in the following promotional and marketing materials to reflect that they accept Delta Dental insurance:

  • Internet websites, listings and advertisements
  • Telephone directories and similar directories
  • Interior displays in the network dentist’s office

Delta Dental allows civic and charitable organizations that are supported by a Delta Dental company to use Delta Dental Marks in the following circumstances:

  1.  Promotional materials for their civic and charitable events
  2.  The Delta Dental name and logo

Use of the Delta Dental logo is subject to the general guidelines above in addition to the following:

While you may scale the logo to fit your needs (to a minimum size of one-inch wide), you may not change the logo in any other way (color, visual effects, layout/orientation, proportions, and any other aspects of the logo’s appearance).

On the Web, the logo may provide a link to the website of Delta Dental or a Delta Dental company, but no other website. The name may only provide a link to the website of Delta Dental Plans Association. The name of a Delta Dental company may provide a link to that company's website.

Required Protected Space

Keeping the corporate signature isolated from other graphic elements is important. Protected space should surround the signature, separating it from headlines, text and the outside edge of the document or application. The only exception to preferred and alternate placement guidelines is relative to the edge of your document or application. You may position the signature in any location on the perimeter of the document or application, provided you either honor the protected space described above or fully abut one (or two) side(s) of the signature to the edge of the application or document. Any non-abutted side of the signature must continue to honor the protected space rule.

Please contact branduse@deltadental.com to inquire about exceptions where space is limited.


By downloading and using the Delta Dental logos provided here, you are agreeing to the terms of this page. Additional file types are available upon request. Email requests to marketing@deltadentaltn.com.

Delta Dental Plans Association Service Marks

Delta Dental PPO™

Delta Dental PPO Plus Premier™

Delta Dental Premier®

DeltaCare® USA

Delta Dental Patient Direct®


Delta Dental Individual and Family™


The Delta Dental name, logo and other service marks are trademarks of Delta Dental Plans Association in the United States and other countries. For further information about the use of the Delta Dental name and service marks, please email branduse@deltadental.com.